The Final Program of ICAE 2017 is Out!
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Sym. 1 Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics, Piezoelectrics related Materials & Devices
Sym. 2 The Second A3+ Symposium on Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics
Sym. 3 From Microwaves to THz: Functional Materials for High-Frequency Applications
Sym. 4 Materials and Chemistry for Energy Storage
Sym. 5 Nanostructured Materials for Green Energy Devices
Sym. 6 Advanced Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
Sym. 7 Advanced Materials and Devices for Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Electrolysis Technologies
Sym. 8 Thermoelectric Materials and Devices
Sym. 9 Oxide Materials for Electronic and Energy Applications
Sym. 10 Materials and Devices for Power Electronics
Sym. 11 Thin Film Processing : Characterization, Growth, and Devices
Sym. 12 Application Technology for Advanced Electromaterials and Devices
Sym. 13 Soft Electromaterials for Future Electronic Devices
Sym. 14 Laser-assisted Material Processing
Sym. 15 Advanced Technologies for LEDs and OLEDs
Sym. 16 Physical and Electrochemical Sensor Materials and Devices
Sym. 17 Two-dimensional Materials: Graphene and above Graphene
Sym. 18 Materials Design and Discovery via Computational Materials Science

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