Exhibiting at the ICAE provides unlimited opportunities to drive your sales, to increase your visibility and to interact with a highly targeted audience!
Key Reasons to Exhibit
1. One of the trendy and professional exhibition in the field
    Begun in 2011 as a global networking and technological exchange, the ICAE conference is recognized as
    the premier event of its field for all electromaterials, scientific and academic professionals.
2. Excellent platform to extend your marketing reach worldwide
    Enables the raising of your product and brand awareness and builds name recognition worldwide through
    direct marketing to targeted groups of approximately 1,200 participants from all around the world.
3. Strengthen the credibility of your brand and products
    By presenting scientific research of your products, your brand and product reliability will be reinforced.
4. The conference will gather international electromaterials experts, providing a one-stop marketing solution to
    reach the world and get results

    Provides a one-stop marketing solution at the conference with the gathering of worldwide professionals.
Exhibition Schedule
Exhibitor Move-in
Operation Hour
09:00 ~ 15:00, November 20, 2017
15:00 ~ 18:00, November 20, 2017
09:00 ~ 18:00, November 21 ~ 23, 2017
20:00 ~, November 23, 2017
1 Standard Booth 3m (width) × 2m (depth)
Participation Fee USD 3,000
Shell Scheme Booth Fascia board with company name
Side and rear walls (white) / wall to wall carpeting
1 information desk / 1 rectangle table / 2 chairs
Electricity 1kW / 3 spotlights / 1 fluorescent light / internet
Directory entry / exhibitor passes
2 free registrants per booth (1 regular registrant: USD 600)
   * Registration fee includes: technical sessions, welcome reception, banquet, lunches
How to Apply?
1. Please fill out the sponsorship application form and email it to the ICAE Secretariat along with a copy of
    your business registration certificate.
    Application Deadline: August 31, 2017.
2. Make a payment via wire transfer to confirm your application.
3. After completing payment, please send the receipt to the secretariat for confirmation.
    All transaction fees are borne by the applicant.
    All benefits will go into effect after receiving the application. Some benefits will not be available if you
        apply late due to the printing schedule.
Submissions Related to Exhibitor
Company Logo File
Advertisement File
Information of Free Registrants
Bank Information
Payments should be transferred to the following bank account. All bank charges are the responsibility of the applicant.
Account Holder
Address of
    Account Holder
Account Number
Swift Code
Address of Bank
The Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers (KIEEME)
Rm 807, The Korea Science & Technology Center, 22, 7gil, Teheran-ro
Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06130, Korea
Citibank Korea Inc.
Science & Technology Branch
Tel. +82-2-565-3571      E-mail: secretary@icae.kr

Business No.: 220-82-01797President: Seok-Jin Yoon
Rm 807, The Korea Science & Technology Center, 22, 7gil, Teheran-ro Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06130, KoreaTel: +82-2-565-3571E-mail: secretary@icae.kr