International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials
ICAE, the bi-annual conference is intended for the world renowned scholars, researchers and young students in the field of “electromaterials”. Its scope includes but not limited to the various disciplines of electronic materials, including ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials and devices, green energy materials such as solar cells and fuel cells, functional thin films and devices, energy storage materials, transparent electronics, printable electronics, “soft” organic electronics, smart nano-materials and devices, advances in nanotechnologies, new and emerging optoelectronic materials and devices based on LEDs and OLEDs, advances in semiconductor technologies, materials for condition monitoring diagnosis, and so on.
The 1st ICAE November 7-11, 2011
Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
942 presentations
from 19 countries
The 2nd ICAE November 12-15, 2013
ICC, Jeju, Korea
1,113 presentations
from 25 countries
The 3rd ICAE November 17-20, 2015
ICC, Jeju, Korea
959 presentations
from 25 countries
The 4th International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials (ICAE 2017)
Date November 21 (Tue.) -24 (Fri.), 2017
Venue Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea
Hosted by The Korean Institute of Electrical and Electronic Material Engineers
Organized by
BK21PLUS SNU Materials Division for Educating Creative Global Leaders
BK21PLUS SKKU Global Elite Cultivation Center for Emergent Materials
BK21PLUS Yonsei University Creative Materials Division
Sponsored by
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Thin Solid Film
Physica Status Solidi A
Journal of Electroceramics
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials
Sponsored by
The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies
Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau
Office of Naval Research Global
Korea Tourism Organization
Global Frontier Center for Multiscale Energy Systems
Program Welcome Reception, Opening Ceremony, Plenary Speech, Technical Session, Banquet, Exhibition
Important Dates
Abstract Submission June 30, 2017
Abstract Acceptance July 31, 2017
Author/Pre-registration August 31, 2017
Manuscript Submission November 30, 2017
Secretariat Office KIEEME, Rm 807, The Korea Science & Technology Center, 22, 7gil, Teheran-ro, Gangam-gu, Seoul 06130, Korea
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